A (Bike) Ride to Success


nextbike_logo_kreis_weiß_auf_blauAbout a year ago, on June 8, Ante Gustin was pitching his idea about a public bike sharing system on the first edition of Startup Weekend Zagreb. It was a project he was working on since he was a student. Krešimir Dvorski joined his team, and they spent an exciting weekend working on their business plan. On Sunday, they went home with a winning prize. Ante and Krešimir are now business partners whose idea was transformed into Nextbike –the first public bike system in Croatia.

A great thing about bike sharing is that it allows flexibility for users – it not only saves them time, but it also has a huge positive effect on their health and physical condition. Moreover, it lowers the volume of CO2 emissions and negative effects of car traffic. These bikes have a specific and modern design and are equipped with everything you need. Want proof? Ante and Krešimir will present their bikes on Saturday, right after the lunch. This is a great opportunity for you to get some advice from these young entrepreneurs and have a sneak peak at one of the prizes of this edition of Startup Weekend Zagreb, as it will come to us courtesy of Nextbike!

For more information about Nextbike, please visit their web page