Life’s a Pitch!


So you probably know that it all starts with your idea, but do you know how to really transfer your enthusiasm to your audience? It’s called pitch-fire! This means that you have exactly one minute to present your idea and motivate people into working on your concept. Since you can’t really say much in 60 seconds, don’t even try to. Focus on the core of the idea and make people want to know more. Here’s our formula for success:

Introduction: 5-10 seconds

Tell the audience who are you – introduce yourself and your background.

Problem: 10-20 seconds

Describe the problem you want to solve. Who is the audience you are targeting, and what specific concerns do they have?

Vision: 10-20 seconds

Describe your vision – What are the benefits for your customers? What makes your solution different from others out there? Explain the product and how it solves the problem.

Requirements: 5-10 seconds

What will the solution require to get started: What people are you looking for? Any skills your team is missing? What technology do you want to use?

Finally, name your startup so people can vote for you!

Here you can find a useful tool to help you prepare for the pitch-fire. Good luck!