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You’ve Always Wanted to be an Entrepreneur? Get Started at Startup Weekend Zagreb!

Startup Weekend, the global phenomenon in which aspiring entrepreneurs engage in an intense, 54-hour-long business plan creation session, is returning to Zagreb. Following the outstanding success of Zagreb’s first SW event, we’re ready for another round, which will take place from the 15th to the 17th of November, 2013.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The event culminates with presentations in front of a jury of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback. In addition, top teams will receive prizes which will help them in turning their Startup Weekend idea into a reality.

Many fruitful business ideas, friendships, partnerships, and teams are formed during the event, most of which continue working together on their business ideas long after the event is over. So, if you’re looking to find a business partner with complementary skills, develop a new, implementable business idea, or just learn something new, click on the “Register” button!

Attendance Fee: 399 HRK (includes PDV)


Saša Cvetojević

Angel Investor and CEO, Insako   |   LinkedIn

Saša Cvetojević is a successful entrepreneur with years of experience in the health care sector, mobile communications industry and supply chain management. He is the founder and owner of a number of companies and health care institutions in Croatia. Saša is also actively involved with CRANE (Croatian Business Angel Network) and has invested in eight startups some of which are already leading companies in their respective industries and are generating revenue in the global marketplace. Saša is also a member of the Board of the Croatian Employers Association and has been a member of the Croatian negotiation team during the accession process to the European Union in the area of health and consumer protection.

Eli Mohamad

Senior Consultant, Sense Consulting

Eli currently serves as Expert on the EU-funded
Science and Innovation Investment Fund technical assistance project,
which aims to increase the competitiveness of the research sector and
improve industry-research cooperation. Before joining Sense
Consulting, Eli worked on public-private partnerships for business
zones (Croatia), placement of disruptive technologies on the market
(QinetiQ, UK), research competencies mapping for participation in
Community Programmes (EU), and hospitality management (USA). He holds a MSc in Technology and Innovation Management from the Science and
Technology Policy Research unit of the University of Sussex, UK. He is
an enthusiast for emerging technologies and technology trends in
space, energy and biotechnology.

Vedrana Likan

First Vice-President, American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia

Vedrana Likan is an expert in developing advanced and creative business concepts for brands, products, and companies. She is also currently a Managing Director for Colliers International, and in the last 10 year has created and spearheaded numerous initiatives in the areas of sustainable development, helping socially disadvantaged groups, and promoting the green economy.

Ms. Likan was recently awarded the prestigious "Woman of the Year" award from Zaposlena magazine. She is a guest lecturer at the University of Zagreb, and also teaches mid-level management courses at Colliers University.

Natasa Vetma

Senior Operations Officer, The World Bank

Natasa Vetma joined the World Bank in 2006 and has since been working as an environmental and energy specialist on a wide range of governmental and private projects in Croatia, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Her work involves consulting clients on project design, advising on environmental improvements, assessment of environmental impacts, facilitating consultation with stakeholders on larger infrastructure projects, project implementation oversight, raising awareness through environmental training of clients, etc.
Prior to joining the World Bank she worked as an environmental consultant in the private sector in Croatia and in the Netherlands. She graduated from the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and obtained her Master’s degree specializing in environmental sciences and EU environmental policy and management in the United States and the Netherlands.

Ivana Šimek

Head of Division for Employers, Croatian Employment Service

Head of Division for Employers, Croatian Employment Service
A graduate of the University of Zagreb, Ms. Šimek has spent her entire career helping Croatia’s unemployed by counseling them, helping them define their career plans, and facilitating their job searches. Since 2008, she has been the head of the Division for Employers of the Croatian Employment Service, where she works on developing active labor market policy measures, and where she coordinates employment programs in accordance with the European Employment Strategy. Her areas of expertise include development of business processes in cooperation with employers, human resource development, and helping create active measures for employers.

Anita Futivić Paćelat

Head of Sales for Small Business, Zagrebačka banka

Anita was recently appointed Head of Sales for Small Business at Zagrebačka banka, after serving as Regional Head of Small Business for the past five years-
Anita graduated in 1996 from the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zagreb. Besides Zagrebačka banka, where she started her career as a trainee, she was a Board Member at Raiffeisen Invest for five years.
Anita possesses a deep expertise and abundance of experience in working with financing small businesses and corporate banking clients. As a banker, she particularly enjoys participating in clients' growth and development, as well as helping them find the right business model. Anita is also especially proud of the fact that Zagrebačka banka supports legal entities as well as start-ups.

Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec

Lecturer and Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center @ ZSEM

Tina has been teaching Entrepreneurship and Customer Relationship Management at Zagreb School of Economics and Management since 2006 and as a Visiting Professor at Rouen Business School in France since 2010. She mentors 100's of students each year in the development of business plans and customer focused strategies. She is a published author, seasoned public speaker and moderator. Her areas of interest include creativity, social entrepreneurship and local economic development.


Magnus Resch, PhD

Managing Director, Springstar

Dr. Magnus Resch is the managing director of Springstar. He also co-founded and successfully managed a contemporary art gallery, exhibiting at art fairs in Basel, London, Hong Kong and Berlin. Magnus studied business at Harvard, the University of St. Gallen, the London School of Economics and Hong Kong University. Springstar is a leading international incubator for e-commerce start-ups. Portfolio companies include, shopping clubs like, group buying companies and online shoe shops around the world, with a combined total of $1bn in annual revenues, 20 million customers and more than 2000 employees.

Zsombor Imre

Executive Partner at eBIT e-Business Management Consultants

Zsombor Imre is a management consulting professional that specializes in e-business and financial service, as well as a e-vangelist. He benefits from previous work experience gained at Citibank, KPMG and Wizz Air. Zsombor holds MSc degrees in Finance and TTC, attended the CEMS Master in International Management programme and PhD studies in Finance. He has international project experience from 15 countries, gained numerous professional awards, and is a sought-after speaker. Zsombor is a board member at EPCA, the European Payments Consulting Association.

Mladen Meter, PhD

Consultant and Managing Director of Business Effectiveness Ltd.

Mladen Meter, PhD is a consultant and managing director of Business
Effectiveness Ltd. for business consulting. He has extensive experience in
management positions in international companies (Kaufland, Generali,
Basler). He attained his Master's degree in 2005 from the Faculty of
Economics in Zagreb, in 2006 he finished Controlling Stufenprogramm
Österreichisches at Controller-Institut in Vienna and passed the examination for the Certified Controller. In 2012 he attained his PhD from the Faculty of Economics in Split. He also attended the IEDC Bled School of Management.
He is a certified internal auditor for banks, financial institutions and
information systems and is a member of consultants' network of certified
consultants of HAMAG for areas: business planning, finance, organization and business management. He is a lecturer at a Zagreb School of Economics and Management and a board member of Croatian Controllers Association.

Marko Nožica

CEO, Aretis   |  

Marko Nožica is the founder and CEO of the Aretis Group.
With roots in Silicon Valley, California, where he lived for 15 years, Marko is motivated by working on innovative projects which create something from nothing.
While studying at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management he founded and became the first president of the Student Council, which still today is the main student organization on campus. Also while at ZSEM he started Aretis - Focused Media, a company which today is a pioneer in the development and growth of non-traditional media. Aretis provides advertisers with media and marketing solutions that reach target groups who are harder to reach through traditional advertising. With coverage throughout Croatia, Aretis efficiently delivers both national and targeted audiences using various media networks.

Nikša Korper Žemva

Graphic Designer , Freelance

Nikša Korper Žemva is a graphic designer specialized in visual identity and print. Nikša was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where he graduated in 2010 from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Arhitecture, School of Design with a Master of Visual communications degree. His clientele includes a diverse array of businesses and organizations, both large and small. From logos to posters to brochures and anything in between, he enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with his clients, and pushing himself to produce the best work possible.

Ana Kuštrak


Ana Kuštrak was born in Zagreb where she graduated economics and
management from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and
musicology from the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb. She has
also partaken the visiting scholar program at the Ross School of
Business, University of Michigan. After shortly working in the culture
sector, she is currently working at the ZSEM at the Marketing
Department as a teaching assistant, mentoring students marketing plans
and she is actively involved in ZSEM’s promotional activities as a
member of its PR team. She is active member of several professional
organizations, including YES! and is periodically publishing texts on

Ivan Matijašević

Cofounder, Managing Director of GEC - Global Entrepreneurship Consulting   |   LinkedIn

Ivan was born in Zadar, but completed his high school education in Požega. After completing his undergraduate and graduate education at the Zagreb School of Economics and management, he conducted research in business management and intelligence tools in fast growing Croatian SMEs. He gathered most of his business and financial experience through executive positions in international companies. Soon after, he co-founded GEC, which offers business improvement, consulting, restructuring and interim management services. GEC helps small businesses grow into mid-sized businesses, and eventually large enterprises.

Marjeta Tomulić Vehovec, PhD

Legal Manager at   |  

Marjeta is a legal expert in EU law. She was born in Rijeka, Croatia and studied at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, where she completed her LLM and PhD studies, respectively. She has experience in practicing law in a renowned law firm in Croatia. Marjeta is an internationally published author and an experienced lecturer. Currently, she joined the team at who aim to create the leading Croatian Internet comparison service.  On, consumers can compare rates and services of car and other insurance providers,, banks and telecom providers - quickly and easily. Thanks to the comparisons and ratings, consumers will be able to directly change their providers with the best price-performance ratio. She will assist the participants of Startup Weekend Zagreb by helping them fit their ideas into the national legal framework.

Hrvoje Jerković, PhD

Lecturer, Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Dr. Jerković earned his PhD from the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering from the University of Zagreb, and has been a lecturer at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management from 2002, where he currently teaches the E-Business course. As part of ZSEM’s team, he planned, implemented, and maintained ZSEM’s distance learning programs from the School’s very founding. HE also possesses a diploma from Croatia’s Academic Research Network, where he served as a mentor for many distance learning courses.

Ivona Ćurko

Assistant Regional Director for Entrepreneurship (Business Clients)

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zagreb, Ivona Ćurko has more than 15 years of experience in senior positions within Croatia’s banking sector, of which she has spent the last 14 with Splitska banka, Dalmatia’s largest bank. An expert in business analysis, Ms. Ćurko helps her clients find the most optimal solutions on a daily basis.

Mateja Rožanković

Credit Sector, Small and Medium Size Enterprise Department, Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Ms. Rožanković joined the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development as an intern in their Small and Medium Size Enterprise Department in 2011. After successfully completing her intern examination, she now works as an Associate for credit in the same department.

She has experience in working with aspiring entrepreneurs, which are facing the challenges of starting their very own business for the first time, as well as with small business owners and tradesmen. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with the participants of Startup Weekend Zagreb, considering how the CBRD invests considerable efforts in helping entrepreneurs with its crediting programs, and by helping them overcome the first few steps in starting a business.

Ms. Rožanković is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb.

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Nov 16
  • Registration Starts + Dinner & Networking
  • Welcome speech from project manager Milan Belojević, & ZSEM dean Dr. Đuro Njavro, and Startup Weekend representative Danielle Reyes
  • Speaker: Magnus Resch
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Best ideas are announced and teams are formed
  • End of Day 1! You can begin developing your ideas at ZSEM's facilities as long as they remain open.


Nov 17
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Teams gather and set up their workspaces for the weekend
  • Lunch
  • Speaker: Eli Mohamad
  • Teams return to their work spaces and start preparing questions for mentors
  • Mentors arrive. Teams continue developing their ideas and start preparing questions for mentors. Mentors help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner
  • Teams continue working throughout the evening.
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as ZSEM's facilities remain open.


Nov 18
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Teams assemble and continue working on their ideas.
  • Lunch
  • Mentors arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Refreshment and Snacks + Final Presentation Prep
  • Judges pick the best presentations
  • Awards to the best teams are handed out
  • Group Picture, Startup Weekend Zagreb has ended!
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